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”Creativity is boundless. Imagination is free. 
Believe in the infinite possibilities”. 


Lindsay Kokoska is a mixed media artist, who combines traditional and digital techniques in her abstract and surreal art. Her work is inspired by her travels, yoga practice, and interest in spirituality. With a unique style that blends animation and fine art compositing, her pieces have a dreamlike quality that captures the viewer's imagination.


Lindsay's use of sacred geometry, astronomy, nature, patterns, and shapes, along with her use of AI ART technology, creates pieces that are not only visually stunning but also thought-provoking. Her art lies between the figurative and surreal worlds, and through her work, she channels an energy that inspires people to access a deeper vision and see the magic in their own lives.


With a background in education and marketing, Lindsay holds a Masters degree in Graphic Art and has studied at the Toronto School of Art and independent studies of abstract art in Bali, Indonesia. She is a self-taught artist, who believes in the infinite possibilities of creativity and imagination. Lindsay invites the viewer to be inspired by her work and to go inward, to be reminded of the connections between material and spiritual experiences.


Artistic Highlights:

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