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Hi my name is Lindsay Kokoska. Welcome to Infinite Mantra. 

I am an Artist and  Design Creative and I create in what we call the flow.  Whether creating art or designing thoughtful logos, packaging design, web layouts, images for content or creating inspiring art pieces and magical collages, I can never seem to stop creating.

I am deeply inspired by the inner workings of life, beyond the outward appearances.  Part of my influence comes from my passion for travel, yoga and infinite possibilities extended to us by nature every day. I am drawn to color, sacred geometry and the beauty around me. I have always been drawn to art and design and love working with inspiring clients and brands that want to make our world a better place.


I see the creative process as exploratory, imaginative, as well as, refined and clear.  My goal is to help you bring your vision and dreams to life, so that your brand stands out and shines. I will help you get to where you want to be – through exceptionally personalized branding or creating stunning, personalized art for you.  I create with no boundaries, no limitations, while focusing on complete clarity and creative expression.


For commissioned art, a design estimate or paid collaboration, please send a detailed message:


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