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Astral Blueprint

In the holographic tapestry of existence, every fragment reflects the whole, where astral blueprints chart the infinite architectures, mirroring the cosmos within and without.

Dark Night 

Dive Deep into The Dark Night. The Original series on SuperRare

Dark Night Celestial Blooms 

Dive Deep into The Dark Night- The Evolution of Cosmic Consciousness

Technicolor Universe

The collection takes inspiration from the stunning array of prismatic colors that can be found in the universe, from the kaleidoscopic swirls of distant galaxies to the dazzling hues of nebulae and stars.

Cosmic Gold

Combining physical practices with AI, this unique collection of 20 unique works allude to a plethora of art historical themes and iconic artists such as Georgia O'Keefe.

Fallen Star

"Fallen Star" is a mesmerizing surreal cosmic art piece that symbolizes the cosmic dance of beginnings and endings, urging viewers to contemplate the transient nature of the universe and the beauty found within its cycles.


Dreamy Surreal Works that transport you to another realm.

Ethereal Garden Square Infinite Mantra.jpg


This collection explore themes of deep connection to who we are and transcending into higher aspects of ourselves.


Cosmic Connections

Surreal Collages

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