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 Cosmic Portrait
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Let Your Divine Shine

Each Cosmic Portrayal is a truly unique channeled vision of each being. No one portrait is the same. The process begins with a discovery call where I learn and am attune to your energy and frequency. I then let the energy flow to create your one-of-a-kind cosmic portrait.

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This process uniquely combines energy readings, creative expression, and intuition to create a one-of-a-kind image that captures your unique energy.

These portraits serve as an ultimate depiction of your divine self. Your Cosmic Portrayal embodies your own journey, the emotions, symbols, and elements that best reflect who you truly are.

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Your Cosmic Portrayal is completed in three steps:

You are invited to join me for a discovery call. During this meeting, you are free to share any aspects of your personal journey with me, so we can form a connection and create the most authentic version of you for your portrait. You will need to share an image of yourself that you would like me to base the portrait around.

After the call, I begin working on your Portrayal. I combine the aspects of yourself that you shared with me, and my intuitive creativity to create your one-of-a-kind portrait.

Once I have completed your Cosmic Portrayal, I will share the image with you. The piece becomes yours to hold forever!

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​I am visually astonished by Lindsay's beautiful work, it lights up my heart with gratitude over time I see it. Lindsay cares deeply about connecting and channeling energies and I am so happy to have this creation by her.


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"Lindsay has a way of steeping her creations in the frequency of your soul and birthing to life the artistic vision stored within your being."

- Arielle Coree, Cosmic Channel

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